Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of my favorite essential oils, and I use it daily! Its therapeutic properties include: antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxant.

Here are just a few uses for lavender oil:

Improve Sleep

Lavender oil has sedative properties that can help you sleep better and more soundly. Try diffusing it, placing a few drops on your skin or making a linen mist with it to improve your sleep.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Lavender has calming properties that can help you deter that unwanted stress and anxiety in your life. I like diffusing it and making a roller ball with lavender and Stress Away together for an instant calming feeling. You can also place several drops in your bath with epsom salts.

Relieve Allergies and Stuffy Nose

Because lavender has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help ease the stuffy feeling from allergies. I like to mix it with Peppermint and Lemon in a diffuser for relief.

Heal Cuts and Burns

Lavender oil helps skin tissue to heal from a cut or a burn. Mix equal parts of lavender and fractionated coconut oil, place on a cotton ball, and gently dab the area that needs healing.

Improve Your Skin

Lavender can help your skin in so many ways. It is great for acne because it reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. It is also brightening, helping to reduce those dark spots and discoloration, it can reduce wrinkles and help with dry skin. You can make a face toner spray with witch hazel and lavender oil, or you can also make a face oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba and lavender.

Deodorize Your Home

Because lavender has such a pleasing and relaxing aroma, you can make a spray with it and water, and you can use it on linens, the clothes you are ironing, or as a room freshener. You can also put several drops of oil on a wool dryer ball and place it in the dryer with your clothes, or place some oil on a cotton ball and put it inside your vacuum cleaner.

Repel Insects

Lavender oil can be used as a natural bug repellent. You can make a spray with lemon, lavender and witch hazel that will deter fleas from you and your pets. Lavender also deters mosquitos, and it pairs well with citronella for this purpose.

As you can see, there are many ways to use lavender oil, and it comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit! Get your Premium Starter Kit here! View more about lavender oil on the Young Living website here.

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