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Peach Tomato Caprese

Source: What’s Gaby Cooking

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Will I make again?:  Yes, soon!

Recipe Difficulty:  Easy!

Time Involved: Fast to assemble!

Occasion: Weeknight!

My Thoughts on this Recipe

This Peach Tomato Caprese salad from What’s Gaby Cooking is the perfect summertime dinner that uses all of that delicious in-season produce. It is light and cool, delicious to eat, and quick to put together. I’m sure it will be a go-to dinner once you try it and get hooked!


The main ingredients are: peaches, tomato, red onion, basil, mozzerella balls, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and seasoning. View the full recipe here.


This recipe is so simple to assemble, and it has the most delicious flavors. Gaby recommended adding cherries to the salad, and I elected to do that, and I would recommend it!

Obviously, the better your produce, the better this salad tastes. The same goes for the mozzarella balls. Next time, I think I would use Burrata instead of the mozzarella because I didn’t love the mozzarella I used, and I think it would add a creamier texture to the salad.

I am also not a big fan of raw red onion, so I let my sliced onion soak in some cold water for about 15 minutes to reduce the strength of the onion flavor. I would recommend doing that again.

I used a LOT of basil, probably 1.5 – 2 cups because I absolutely love it, and I recommend doing so!

Future Ideas/Variations

This recipe is great just the way that it is, but of course you could change up the produce according to what you have on hand. Some other stone fruit such as plums, tangerines or apricots would all be great in here, and if you have them, heirloom tomatoes are always delicious.

Final thoughts

This is perfect for a quick, easy weeknight meal that is filling and cool for the summer!


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