Creamy Banana Coconut Latte

Source: Jillian Harris

Snapshot Review

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My Husband’s Rating: n/a (doesn’t drink coffee)

Will I make again?:  Sure!

Recipe Difficulty: Easy

Time Involved: Quick

Occasion: Wanting a specialty coffee


My Thoughts on this Recipe

This Creamy Banana Coconut Latte recipe from Jillian Harris is a delicious change to your regular ol’ latte. It tastes like it is straight out of the tropics, and it’s perfect for a lazy Saturday morning.

I am a big fan of Jillian Harris. I love her blog, Love it or List it, and her Instagram stories. I was curious about this Banana Coconut Latte because she had been raving about it several times in her Instagram stories when she had purchased it at the Fairmont Vancouver. I was so excited that she re-created it with their help, and I’m pleased to report that this is very tasty.


The main ingredients are banana, coconut milk, granulated sugar, non-dairy milk and coffee. View the full recipe here.


I made the puree with my Vitamix blender, and I’m so glad the recipe specified to blend this for three minutes because I definitely wouldn’t have done that on my own. It does make a big difference in the texture.

I recommend letting the puree set for a few minutes before incorporating into the latte because it sets up, kind of like a pudding, and if you don’t wait, then you get mainly froth as your puree.

The one thing I’ll say is that in order to make the latte in one mug, you need one heck of a big mug because one cup of frothed milk, coffee and 5 tablespoons of puree takes a LOT of space. The second time I made it, I only used a 1/2 cup of frothed milk, and that was a lot better, at least for me. So, beware, use a BIG mug!

I would recommend experimenting with the amount of banana coconut puree you use. Ultimately, I found that 6 tablespoons with 1/2 cup of frothed milk and coffee was right for me. I would also make it a tad sweeter next time, but that is just personal preference.

Future Ideas/Variations

I don’t know that I would change anything about this. I suppose you could try a pineapple/coconut version or mango/coconut. I’m not sure how well those would mix with coffee though. Again, I think I’m happy with it the way it is.

Final thoughts

This is a nice alternative to your typical latte and something fun to have for a change!


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