Healthy Baked Shrimp

Source: Sara Allison

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My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

My Husband’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Will I make again?: I make this frequently

Recipe Difficulty: Easy

Time Involved: Quick to assemble, time to marinate

Occasion: Weeknight dinner


About this Recipe

This Healthy Baked Shrimp is one of my go-to easy dinners. I love all of the flavor that the garlic, green onions and bell pepper give this dish, and I always look forward to eating it.


The ingredients are shrimp, garlic, bell pepper, green onions, olive oil, salt, pepper and feta cheese.


I will just start by saying that my husband and I disagree about this dish. Haha. He is adamant that it needs a “sauce” in addition to the drippings that are at the bottom of the pan. I completely disagree. The flavor is in the vegetables, and I notice that he sometimes picks them out, so maybe that is part of the problem. Haha. Anyway, I make him a sauce, which I explained below in the event that you want one too.

I typically serve this with quinoa cooked in chicken broth with a couple of green onions added for flavor and some additional vegetables like roasted broccoli or green beans.

Final thoughts

I absolutely love this dish, and I think you will too!

Healthy Baked Shrimp

Sara Allison
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Servings 4
Calories 203 kcal


  • 1 lb. large, uncooked shrimp peeled and deveined
  • 4 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 medium bell pepper (red, yellow or orange) diced
  • 4 green onions chopped finely, white and green parts
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • black pepper
  • 3 oz. feta or cotija cheese crumbled


  • Place the shrimp in a rectangular glass dish, so they are all lying flat in the dish. Sprinkle the shrimp with salt and pepper on both sides. Sprinkle the bell pepper, green onions and garlic over the shrimp.
  • Drizzle olive oil over the top of the shrimp and vegetables. Let this marinate in the refrigerator if possible. (I usually assemble it in the morning and bake at night).
  • Remove from the refrigerator. Sprinkle with the cheese. Bake at 400 for 20 minutes until the shrimp are fully cooked and the cheese starts to brown.

“Sauce” for my husband

  • Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a saucepan. Add 1 clove of minced garlic. Let the garlic cook for about one minute. Add 1 tablespoon flour, and then slowly add 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Bring to a boil until thickened. Season with salt and pepper.


In my opinion, this does not need a sauce because there is a sauce at the bottom of the dish under the shrimp. My husband disagrees, so I make that sauce for him only. It’s up to you if you want to do it or not…haha.
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