Hot Cocoa Cookies

Source: Glorious Treats

Snapshot Review

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Husband’s Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Will I make again?:  I make these every Christmas!

Recipe Difficulty:  Not difficult, but there are a few steps.

Time Involved: Takes quite a lot of time.

Occasion: Christmas

My Thoughts on this Recipe

These Hot Cocoa Cookies from Glorious Treats are probably my husband’s favorite Christmas cookie. He asks for these every year, and he absolutely loves them. He always takes some to the office to share, and it’s my understanding that his coworkers look forward to them every year. These cookies take some time to make, but they are worth it. They are a soft, chocolate cookie, with a semi-melted marshmallow and chocolate drizzle.


The main ingredients are: butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, brown sugar, eggs, marshmallows, powdered sugar and water. View the full recipe here.


This recipe is pretty straight-forward. I melt my chocolate chips in the microwave at 70% power for 30 seconds at a time rather than melting on the stove. You definitely have to let them chill in the refrigerator (as written), or they are not as puffy.

Know that this dough is kind of dense and hard as opposed to, for instance, a chocolate chip cookie dough. I thought I was doing something wrong, but that’s just how it is.

The size cookies you make are very important. I have found that the best size is about 3/4 of a medium cookie scoop, roughly 1.5 Tablespoons each. I have also used a heaping small scoop.

Make sure your cookies have set before you remove them from the oven with the marshmallow. If they are too soft, they just fall apart.

I have to add extra hot water to the icing to get it to the right consistency. Just use a little bit of icing on every cookie, or else they become way too sweet. Also, the icing looks a little funny (cracked and a weird color) after about a day, so I wouldn’t make these very far in advance if you are taking them somewhere.

I get the sprinkles at Michael’s.

Future Ideas/Variations

I wouldn’t change a thing about this!

Final thoughts

These Hot Cocoa Cookies are a crowd favorite! Try them this holiday season!


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